Payment Policy:

Thank you for selecting me as your child’s tutor.  I am dedicated to giving your child the best support available.  The following is a statement of my payment policy.  I will require you to read and sign a copy prior to the beginning of your child’s instruction.  Tutoring cost will be discussed upon our initial interview. 

Payment will be made by cash, check, or online transfer at the time the service is rendered.  Clients who are seen more than once a week may pay for the week at the date of the first visit. 


Payment will be made by cash, check, or online transfer at the beginning of the month. 


Attendance Policy:

Consistent attendance increases your child’s progress in the instruction that I am providing.  The following policies regarding cancellations will be enforced:

1.  Cancellations due to sickness are excused. The client will not be charged for these sessions.

2.  All other cancellations are considered unexcused (unless scheduled in advance). You will be charged for a full tutoring session for each unexcused cancellation.

3.  If the client misses 3 sessions and does not pay the session fee, tutoring will discontinue.

4.  If tutor has to cancel a session, the cost for the missed session will be refunded or credited towards a future session.


**Tutor reserves the right to cancel tutoring agreement due to client behavior.**


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