Your child will receive one-on-one personalized tutoring based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach.  This approach includes:

-Explicit Instruction:  Your child will be explicitly taught phonics rules and how to spell irregular words.

-Multisensory:  Your child will be exposed to multiple modes of learning to activate more neural pathways.

-Diagnostic and Prescriptive:  Through constant monitoring and assessment, your child will be taught based on his or her individual progress.

-Systematic:  Your child will be taught using a phonics sequence that builds upon prior learning.

-Individualized:  Each lesson will be tailored to meet your child's learning needs.  I do not follow a scripted program, but instead create a lesson based on what your child needs to learn to read.


Lesson  Structure:

Research has shown that to be most effective, student would participate in two one-hour tutoring sessions per week.  Each session consists of the following lesson components:

-Phonological Awareness (blending and segmenting sounds)

-Visual and Auditory Drills (making the alphabetic code connections)

-Blending Drill (blending the sounds to read words to help build automaticity)

-New Concept (instruction on a new skill or concept built on previous learning)

-Word Work (applying new learning through building words and word chaining)

-Reading and Spelling Irregular Words (strategies to read and spell words that cannot be decoded)

-Reading Text (applying new learning by reading words, sentences, and decodable text)

-Writing (applying new learning by writing words and sentences)

-Wrap Up (discussing new learning and how it will be applied to future lessons)


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